The Feeling - San Vito - Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl


The Feeling - San Vito - Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

Released: April 5th 2024

'San Vito' is the new album from the Ivor Novello award-winning and multi- platinum selling pop band The Feeling. The album was written and recorded in Southern Italy and saw the band decamp there to self-produce the record as a band together.

What began as a short writing trip, turned into a full album project with the Italian sun, food and culture seeping through into the sounds on the record. The band brought in local brass, strings and pizzica / tarantella percussion players - the result being very much an album by The Feeling but with a subtle Salento favour mixed-in.

The title 'San Vito' is influenced by the name of the local town San Vito Dei Normanni where the band spent their time off from the studio soaking in the local culture, food and pizzica music. Highlights include lead single 'The Right Wrong' - a driving indie-pop anthem about freeing yourself from judgement, a gorgeous duet with US-based country singer Lucie Silvas & plenty of the flamboyant, upbeat 70s-inspired harmonised indie-pop that the band are adored for.


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