RSD2024 Lora Logic ~ Pedigree Charm [Deluxe Edition] ~ 2LP


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Limited Edition - 'Mutant Disco' - Florescent Green & Pink Splatter Vinyl (500 only). X-Ray Spex co-founder and saxophonist, Lora Logic’s debut Rough Trade Records solo album - deluxe edition, including bonus tracks and exclusive BBC ‘John Peel Session’. Overlooked on release in 1982 when Punk became Funk, Essential Logic creator and X-Ray Spex co-founder Lora Logic's debut solo album retains her signature bouncing sax lines and vocal acrobatics but weaves an esoteric web of mutant disco, jazz and the very left-field of pop which sounds uncannily like now. Featuring the abstract swing of This Heat legend Charles Hayward on drums and clipped funk guitars from Phil Legg, songs like "Wonderful Offer" and "Brute Fury" share a DNA with New York noise merchants like Bush Tetras and James Chance but also Talking Heads with its sideways take on world music, the playful experimental innocence of contemporaries The Raincoats and the zesty funk of A Certain Ratio. Indeed, this punk-funk can be found in the latter generations of The Rapture, Franz Ferdinand (who owe a debt to "Wonderful Offer" specifically) and all the way up to The Orielles, while the album's stridently unconventional and fearless sonic palette has retained its freshness for modern times. This deluxe edition adds contemporaneous b-sides along with an extended "Wonderful Offer" plus a previously unreleased "Peel Session" from 1981 featuring radically different, clean and shiny versions of "Martian Man", "Pedigree Charm" and "Rat Alley” highlighting Logic's ever-evolving, restless style. "Rough Trade's answer to Ella Fitzgerald has produced a remarkable synthesis of swing, funk and melodic jazz". "Strange rolling rhythms, throbbing percussion, high-life guitar and good, hard funk” – Melody Maker. Track Listing: A1. Brute Fury A2. Horrible Party A3. Stop Halt A4. Wonderful Offer A5. Martian Man B1. Hiss And Shake B2. Pedigree Charm B3. Rat Allé B4. Crystal Gazing C1. Stereo C2. Rather Than Repeat C3. Wonderful Offer (12’’ Version) D1. Martian Man (John Peel Session) D2. Pedigree Charm (John Peel Session) D3. Rat Allé (John Peel Session). *C1 - C3 taken from the Rough Trade 12'' Single 'Wonderful Offer'. *D1 - D3 John Peel Session 26/05/1981 *Previously Unreleased.

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