RSD2024 Galen & Paul ~ Uno Mas ~ 12" Vinyl


This product is a Record Store Day exclusive title and is not available to pre-order

To buy in-store: 8am, 20/04/2024 (Record Store Day).

To buy online: 8pm, 22/04/2024. (Subject to availability)

x4 trk Black 12" single with signed artcard (Paul Simenon & Galen Ayers). After the bilingual charms, international genre-spanning adventures and picture postcard images of pan-European culture of their debut album ‘Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?’, Galen & Paul now share the new EP ‘Uno Más’. Released for the first time on 12” black vinyl (previously a digital only release) It continues the vibrant connection established by the acclaimed solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon, the legendary bassist and occasional vocalist for The Clash.
Includes signed artcard

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