MANSUN - Dead Flowers Reject


MANSUN - Dead Flowers Reject

Released: March 29th 2024

Mansun were one of the most iconic & innovative British bands of the late 90's. Having signed to the legendary record label Parlophone (home to The Beatles, Radiohead & Sigur Ros) they released four albums - 'Attack Of The Grey Lantern' (1997), 'Six' (1998), 'Little Kix' (2000) & the compilation 'Kleptomania' following the band's split - as well as a popular & now rare series of EP's. 


Kscope, having acquired this impressive catalogue, are running a thorough reissue series that delves into a treasure trove of previously unreleased audio & visual material, including the much-awaited 21st-anniversary remaster of their experimental Top 10 album 'Six', which jumped back into the UK charts in 2019 reaching #1 in the Vinyl chart.


'The Dead Flowers Reject', the alter-ego album to 'Six', was recorded at the same time as an alternative, more linear & marginally less jaggedly eccentric selection of songs as insurance should the label reject the other. The Mansun frontman & songwriter Paul Draper, described the album: "The Dead Flowers Reject could be thought of as the fourth Mansun album... I think the record [had it come out] would probably have been my favourite Mansun album: it's the closest to how we played live".


Previously only available as a bootleg, 'The Dead Flowers Reject' received a limited edition Record Store Day vinyl release in 2020 & also featured in the 25th Anniversary, 25 Disc, acclaimed box set 'Closed For Business'.

LP Tracks: What It's Like To Be Hated ( 03:21 ) / GSOH ( 01:21 ) / Been Here Before ( 04:07 ) / When The Wind Blows ( 04:47 ) / Can't Afford To Die ( 02:47 ) / Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis ( 02:58 ) / I Care ( 03:37 ) / King Of Beauty ( 04:51 ) / But The Trains Run On Time ( 03:34 ) / Check Under The Bed ( 04:02 ) / I Deserve What I Get ( 03:37 ) / Railings ( 05:51 )

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