Luke Combs - Fathers & Sons - White LP


Luke Combs - Fathers & Sons - White LP

Released 30th August 2024

Fathers & Sons is the new full-length album from country music superstar Luke Combs. A collection of 12 poignant tracks, the album was recorded entirely live and features Luke’s most personal songwriting to date, as he reflects on his own experiences being a dad to his two sons and the unique bond between parents and their children.

Side A

1. Front Door Famous

2. In Case I Ain’t Around

3. Huntin’ By Yourself

4. Little Country Boys

5. Whoever You Turn Out To Be

6. Remember Him That Way

Side B

1. The Man He Sees In Me

2. All I Ever Do Is Leave

3. Plant A Seed

4. Ride Around Heaven

5. My Old Man Was Right

6. Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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