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GLASVEGAS Godspeed LP Limited Green Vinyl



Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl

GLASVEGAS return with their triumphant fourth album ‘Godspeed’, – the music we all need right now. The latest single Shake The Cage (für Theo) sums up the dazzlingly eclectic sound of Godspeed perfectly – this is an electronic barrage with devastatingly powerful spoken word lyrics which call to mind I’m Gonna Get Stabbed from the band’s astonishing debut.  

The single is perfectly positioned at the end credits of Alan McGee’ new movie ‘Creation Stories’, written by Irvine Welsh and executively produced by Danny Boyle. Hand picked as the only current track to grace the music mogul’s biopic, it is a kind of dystopian, free-associative ‘Choose life’ sermon (’Stand on a wave / calculate quantum mechanics / Surf, dance / Believe in chance”) set to the escalating dread and claustrophobia of a John Carpenter murder-chase.  

Launched on their own label Go Wow Records, Godspeed takes place, “all on the same night, just as the sun’s going down,” The album presents a fragmented portrait of a single evening’s events, one James half-jokingly compares to‘American Graffiti’, director George Lucas’ 1973 coming-of-age classic, “where everything happens in one night, and nothing major goes down plot-wise, but you still love the characters and the world.” Each song in its own right as diverse as the next, pulling James Allan into each world with free reign to experiment in this latest masterpiece.  



1. Parked Car (Exterior) 
2. Dive 
3. Dying To Live 
4. Shake The Cage (für Theo) 
5. Keep Me A Space 
6. Parked Car (Interior) 
7. Cupids Dark Disco 
8. My Body Is A Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones Ago) 
9. In My Mirror 
10. Stay Lit 
11. Godspeed 



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