Coldplay - Brothers & Sisters 25th Anniversary, Double 7" pressed on Bio Vinyl Limited Edition


Coldplay - Brothers & Sisters 25th Anniversary,  Double 7" pressed on Bio Vinyl  Limited Edition. 

Released 15th November 2024.

Product Features:
- Gatefold double 7" vinyl pressed on blue and pink colour BioViny
- Silver laminate sleeve 
- Hot foil embossed colour inner sleeves
- Exclusive for vinyl 'The Story of Brothers & Sisters by Sikon Williams (Fierce Panda Records) 

Today, 26th April, marks 25 years to the day since Coldplay released the ‘Brothers & Sisters’ EP via Fierce Panda. In celebration, an anniversary edition is now available to pre-order, as a gatefold double colour BioVinyl 7" via Fierce Panda.  The original ‘Brothers & Sisters’ release was a two-track 7” (‘Brothers & Sisters’ and ‘Easy To Please’) and a three track CD single, with ‘Only Superstition’ as the third song which, while not included on the original 7" vinyl release, appears on this special 25th anniversary edition.  The fourth track on the EP is a new addition, ‘The Story of Brothers & Sisters'. This is a spoken word excerpt lifted from the audiobook of ‘Pandamonium! How Not To Run A Record Label’ by Fierce Panda founder Simon Williams.

Brothers & Sisters 
Easy To Please

Only Superstition
The Story of Brothers & Sisters (by Simon Williams - Fierce Panda Records)

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