ARCTIC MONKEYS Tranquility Base Vinyl

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Arctic Monkeys returned in 2018 their hugely anticipated sixth album, entitled Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino.

Their first release since 2013's AM found the band intent on continuing to explore new musical terrain with each album. It's a record which ups the ante in a big way; a bold and brilliant collection reflecting Alex Turner's ever more comprehensive creative vision. Produced by James Ford and Turner, the album was recorded in Los Angeles, Paris and London.


1. Star Treatment
2. One Point Perspective
3. American Sports
4. Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
5. Golden Trunks
6. Four Out of Five
7. The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip
8. Science Fiction
9. She Looks Like Fun
10. Batphone
11. The Ultracheese

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