THE WHITE STRIPES - White Stripes.


MARCH 25TH 2022

The debut album from the White Stripes. Raw urban sleazy blues that went onto change the face of music. You need to own this. The White Stripes' self-titled debut album is purely amazing. Diving straight in with Jimmy the Exploder, the song is incredibly catchy. The main riff, however simple, is genius, and you won't be able to get it out of your head. Throughout the album, Jack and Meg's souls and energy are poured into the music, and it obvious that so much work was put into the album.

  • A1. Jimmy the Exploder 
  • A2. Stop Breaking Down 
  • A3. The Big Three Killed My Baby 
  • A4. Suzy Lee 
  • A5. Sugar Never Tasted So Good 
  • A6. Wasting My Time 
  • A7. Cannon 
  • A8. Astro 
  • B1. Broken Bricks 
  • B2. When I Hear My Name 
  • B3. Do 
  • B4 .Screwdriver 
  • B5. One More Cup of Coffee 
  • B6. Little People 
  • B7. Slicker Drips 
  • B8. St. James Infirmary Blues 
  • B9. I Fought Piranhas 

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