THE SLOW READERS CLUB  The Joy Of The Return LP Magenta Vinyl

THE SLOW READERS CLUB The Joy Of The Return LP Magenta Vinyl

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The fourth full length album from the excellent Manchester post-punk / indie-rockers The Slow Readers Club. Fans of White Lies, Interpol, The National and Editors should check this out.

Opening to an energetic blend of driving drums and infectious guitar lines, the track builds through evocative verses and anthemic choruses, imbued with their idiosyncratic brand of insightful and confronting lyricism and set against relentlessly danceable and energy-provoking instrumentation. “‘All I Hear’ is about a lack of agency and an inability to affect change. That there’s something happening, and you have no choice but to go along with it,” explains singer Aaron Starkie.

“I think it’s definitely our most interesting and accomplished record musically,” says singer Aaron Starkie. “Lyrically the album covers love, alienation, the rise of right wing populism and comments on algorithm driven propaganda. And as always, I try to deliver those lyrics with uplifting melody.”

The dark power-pop that defined their previous releases holds a strong influence, with the brooding ‘No Surprise’ providing a powerful dose of evocative lyricism amid immersive soundscapes, while the unsettling ‘Paris’ is an undulating exploration of observational songwriting and eclectic musicality.


  • 1.All I Hear
  • 2.Something Missing
  • 3.Problem Child
  • 4.Jericho
  • 5.No Surprise
  • 6.Paris
  • 7.Killing Me
  • 8.All The Idols
  • 9.Every Word
  • 10.Zero Hour
  • 11.The Wait