SANTANA Caravanserai LP 180g

SANTANA Caravanserai LP 180g

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To attempt to categorize Carlos Santanas music is, for the prophets of rock music, rather like dancing on the edge of a volcano. While the New York Times acclaimed the band as a "reincarnation of Dizzy Gillespie’s Cuban-jazz big band from the end of the Forties," Rolling Stone spoke of a "methadrine trip without visions." Organ-player Gregg Rolie offered a very simple explanation of the origins of the highly differentiated sound colouring and the throb and chirp of the Afro-Cuban polyrhythms: he succinctly remarked that, "each member of the multi-cultural band just played the music which he had grown up with."

It's already evident from the first number on Caravanserai, with its sounds of nature, twisted rhythms, and little snatches of melody, which as in several other titles remains spellbinding even without the fascinating drive of Santana’s lead-sound. Of course there is plenty of solo material on the guitar which manifests itself in exuberant improvisations with a fusion of rock, salsa and jazz elements. When listening to this well-oiled rhythm machine, one gets the impression that this unique band has stretched itself to its limits, and it is not by mere coincidence that they split up shortly afterwards. What has remained is one of the most powerful Santana records ever made.

Santana Caravanserai Track Listing

1. Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation 
2. Waves Within 
3. Look Up (To See What's Coming Down) 
4. Just In Time To See The Sun 
5. Song Of The Wind 
6. All The Love Of The Universe 
7. Future Primitive 
8. Stone Flower 
9. La Fuente Del Ritmo 
10. Every Step Of The Way