RSD2024 Lil Peep ~ Star Shopping ~ 7" 1LP


This product is a Record Store Day exclusive title and is not available to pre-order

To buy in-store: 8am, 20/04/2024 (Record Store Day).

To buy online: 8pm, 22/04/2024. (Subject to availability)

This project is a vinyl rendering of Gus's fan favorite, Star Shopping, created in his bedroom at the age of 18 in the summer of 2015. Listeners will hear the original version on side A, and an exceptional performance of the song performed live in concert in Belgium in the spring of 2017 on side B. The vinyl will be 7 inches and will have unique design as well as packaging--with the original album art as the front cover. Insert/inside/possible gatefold may include images of the artist at the time he created the song as well as images from his computer/cell phone.

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