RSD2024 Goldie Lookin Chain ~ Manifesto, The ~ LP


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Previously unreleased on vinyl 2003 album from GLC. This was their first non-CDR album to be released. The CD (CD only - there was no vinyl) was put out on their own label before they signed to a major. TRACKS 1. THE MANIFESTO 2. SELF SUICIDE 3. SHIT TO ME 4. THE ALCHEMIST 5. BILLY WEBB'S LAMENT 6. MY DJ 7. CHEAP TEETH 8. THE MAGGOT 9. SAFE BEATS 10. SOAP BAR 11. REVEREND LOVE TUG 12. SHOTGUN 13. YOU KNOWS I LOVES YOU 14. MAGGOT'S STAND UP 15. YOUR MOTHER'S GOT A PENIS

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