Release Date: 2nd October

For more than half a century now, Roger Waters has been composing songs about the ways people knowingly and unknowingly pit themselves against one another. Whether it's the feelings of alienation he explored on The Wall, his Orwellian vision of capitalism on Animals, or the stark reminders to question the things that make you happy and unhappy on his recent Is This the Life We Really Want? solo album, he has always encouraged listeners to look deeper into the machinations of the world. In 2017, Waters wrapped all of these themes together to form the double helix of his blockbuster Us + Them Tour.

The Us + Them film, which Waters co-directed with his longtime visual collaborator Sean Evans, captures the spectacular performance when it arrived in 2018 in Amsterdam, where Waters and his band play nearly all of Pink Floyd's biggest hits —"Time," "Money," "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2," "Wish You Were Here" —as well as a smart selection of cuts off Is This the Life We Really Want?that spotlight how the world needs more compassion and civility. He drives his ideas home with screens that bisect the audience with images of drone strikes, people living in poverty, houses blown to bits, falling money, and Trump's divisive tweets. At times, it's horrifying and, at others, it's heartrending.




Speak to Me


One of These Days


Breathe (Reprise)

The Great Gig In the Sky

Welcome to the Machine

Déjà Vu

The Last Refugee

Picture That

Wish You Were Here

Happiest Days of Our Lives

Another Brick In the Wall (Part 2)

Another Brick In the Wall (Part 3)



Pigs (Three Different Ones)


Us & Them

Brain Damage


Roger Addresses Audience

Credits / Last Refugee (Reprise)

Credits / Déjà Vu (Reprise)

A Fleeting Glimpse

Comfortably Numb

Smell the Roses

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