REYTONS Kids Off The Estate CD



The Reytons (A "Right One" to those from out of town) bring us their eagerly awaited debut album Kids Off the Estate. Produced by David Watts at Chairworks Studios, deep in the heart of Yorkshire, this record is bursting with working man grit and tales from the local boozer.

The album opens with Mind the Gap, a raucous introduction to the 14 track pound-for-pound excursion. After making stops at Slice of Lime, Low Life and Broke Boys Cartel, the journey progresses through the Trials & Tribulations of the everyday man.

Expect infectious riffs and refreshingly honest melodies that will travel round your mind for years to come.


1. Mind the Gap
2. Antibiotics
3. Expectations of a Fool
4. Sales Pitch for the Bus Fare Home
5. Nothing to Declare
6. Slice of Lime
7. Car Crash
8. Low Life
9. What You Fighting For?
10. Broke Boys Cartel
11. Landslide
12. Shoebox
13. Trials & Tribulations
14. Kids Off the Estate

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