PREFAB SPROUT Swoon (Remastered) LP

PREFAB SPROUT Swoon (Remastered) LP

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Released in 1984, Swoon is the debut album from Prefab Sprout.

Written over a period of seven years, the record was produced with David Brewis on a low budget. The group mostly chose to avoid recording the material they had played live over the years, preferring to make a more intricate record of mostly recent material.

- LP
- 180G VINYL

1. Don't Sing
2. Cue Fanfare
3. Green Isaac (I)
4. Here on the Eerie
5. Cruel
6. Couldn't Bear to Be Special
7. I Never Play Basketball Now
8. Ghost Town Blues
9. Elegance
10. Technique
11. Green Isaac (II)