Pete Wylie & The Mighty WAH! - Teach Yself WAH! - A Best of Pete Wylie & The Mighty WAH! - LP


Pete Wylie & The Mighty WAH! - Teach Yself WAH! - A Best of Pete Wylie & The Mighty WAH! - LP

Released 1st March 2024

Pete Wylie, acclaimed songwriter and Liverpudlian legend.

Best known for his work in WAH! and its off various off shoots. He began his career in bands with friends Julian Cope, Ian McCulloch and Pete Burns, before gaining nationwide attention under his own various project names with a string of singles 'The Story Of The Blues', 'Come Back', 'Sinful, 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' and later, the LFC anthem 'Heart As Big As Liverpool'.

Wylie's 'Heart As Big As Liverpool' is especially popular within the city and with Liverpool Football Club supporters, being used in the official Hillsborough tribute video. In 2008 Wylie performed at the opening ceremony of Liverpool's European City of Culture tenure.

Teach Yself WAH! - The Best Of is a new compilation bringing together music from across his numerous musical names. Wylie has hand-picked 20 songs, highlighting key points from each period in his illustrious career. As well as including his early singles and the songs which brought him chart success, he has also chosen deep cuts including the original version of his collaboration with Big Hard Excellent Fish, available for the first time since it's intial 12" only release. Pete has also recreated two tracks especially for this package, which will excite fans, hearing Pete sound as vital as ever.

LP Tracks: Remember / The Story Of the Blues (Part One) / You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me) / Sleep (A Lullaby For Josie) / Talking Blues (The Story Of The Blues: Part Two) / Come Back / Diamond Girl / Fourelevenfortyfour / Sinful - Song of The Sinful Angel / The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies - A Party Song / Loverboy / Is That What Love Is All About? / Free; Falling (In Love With You) / Heart As Big As Liverpool / Better Scream 2024 / Seven Minutes To Midnight 2024 / Somesay / The Seven Thousand Names of WAH! / Big Hard Excellent Fish - Imperfect List (Original Version)

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