OSEES Levitation Sessions Vol. I LP Indies Vinyl Pink/Black Swirl + 7" clear vinyl



Back in September 2020, OSEES performed a blistering set out in the desert at Pappy & Harriet’s California, which aired on the LEVITATION Sessions streaming series. Pressed on glorious 12" swirl colored vinyl, each record includes a bonus encore 7” with the final track from the show, "Block Of Ice" pressed on Milky-Clear vinyl. "During this particularly hard year (2020), it was a pleasure to work with our good friends over at Levitation and Pappy and Harriet's to reach out to some of our fans, if only for a fleeting hour. This is the proper plastic that came from that evening. We are trying to keep some of our favorite haunts, dives, glorious old venues and bars open through this triail, as it's obvious the lizards that make up the current administration have no real interest in extending any realistic help to struggling businesses. Take care, be well and keep your eyes on the horizon." - John Dwyer


Disc: 1
1. The Fizz
2. Carrion Crawler
3. I Come From The Mountain
4. Corrupt Coffin
5. Together Tomorrow
6. Static God
7. Sewer Fire
8. Night Crawler
9. Terminal Jape
10. Chem Farmer / Nite Expo
11. Rainbow
12. Dreary Nonsense
13. Heart Worm
14. Transparent World Jam

Disc: 2
1. Block Of Ice (Fade Out)
2. Block Of Ice (Fade In)

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