Ocean Colour Scene - It's A Beautiful Thing - The Best Of 140gm black vinyl


Ocean Colour Scene - It's A Beautiful Thing - The Best Of 140gm black vinyl

Released 5th July 2024

For almost quarter of a century Ocean Colour Scene have been recording and releasing
an ever-growing catalogue of instantly recognizable and skillfully crafted songs, all
supported by an unrelenting live schedule that would put many a younger band to shame.
Now seems as good a time as any to catch our breath and celebrate a career that has
bought us ten studio albums, 33 singles (many with non-album B-Sides and bonus
tracks, adding to their prodigious output) plus live releases and compilations.
Released on 14 June 2024 'It's A Beautiful Thing: The Best of Ocean Colour Scene'
will be made available as a 26 song 2LP set (their first hits collection on vinyl since 2001),
and an expanded 44-song 2CD set.
Both formats will include all 17 of their UK Top 40 singles (including 'You've Got It Bad',
'The Day We Caught The Train', 'The Circle', 'Hundred Mile High City', 'Travellers
Tune', and 'Better Day'), and - on the 2CD set - a selection of those non-album tracks
that are so loved by the band's loyal fanbase.
'It's A Beautiful Thing: The Best Of Ocean Colour Scene' is the latest release by the
band working with Demon Music, a partnership that has seen a series of critically
acclaimed box sets, with a number of their albums being made available on vinyl for the
very first time.


Side A
1. Yesterday Today
2. Giving It All Away
3. The Riverboat Song
4. You’ve Got It Bad (Single Edit)
5. The Day We Caught The Train
6. The Circle

Side B
1. Hundred Mile City (Single Version)
2. Travellers Tune
3. Better Day
4. It’s A Beautiful Thing – with P. P. Arnold
(Radio Edit)
5. Profit In Peace (Single Edit)
6. So Low


Side C
1. July (New Version)
2. I Am The News (New Version)
3. Up On The Downside (Radio Edit)
4. I Just Need Myself
5. Make The Deal (Radio Edit)
6. Golden Gate Bridge

Side D
1. Free My Name
2. This Day Should Last Forever
3. I Told You So
4. I Just Got Over You (Radio Edit)
5. Go To Sea (Radio Edit)
6. Saturday (Radio Edit)
7. Painting
8. Standing In The Place That You Used To Do

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