Oasis - Definitely Maybe 30th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl box set Black Vinyl.


Oasis - Definitely Maybe 30th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl box set Black Vinyl.

Releases August 30th 2024 .

Oasis’ debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ celebrates its 30th anniversary this August. The fastest-ever selling debut in the UK on release, this seminal album marked the point when Oasis became a cultural phenomenon. Including the classic singles ‘Supersonic’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’, its songs sound as fresh and relevant as they did in 1994. Having sold over 6.9 million copies globally, it also sits as the 2nd most streamed album of the 90’s (following Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? at no.1). New 30th anniversary Limited Edition deluxe 4LP box set.

Deluxe LP Tracklisting

SIDE A 1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Remastered) 2. Shakermaker (Remastered) 3. Live Forever (Remastered) 
SIDE B 1. Up In The Sky (Remastered) 2. Columbia (Remastered) 3. Sad Song (Remastered) 

SIDE C 1. Supersonic (Remastered) 2. Bring It On Down (Remastered) 3. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Remastered)
 SIDE D 1. Digsy’s Dinner (Remastered) 2. Slide Away (Remastered) 3. Married With Children (Remastered) 

SIDE E 1. Rock 'n' Roll Star (Monnow Valley Version) 2. Shakermaker (Monnow Valley Version) 3. Live Forever (Monnow Valley Version) 4. Up In The Sky (Monnow Valley Version) 
SIDE F 1. Columbia (Monnow Valley Version) 2. Bring It On Down (Monnow Valley Version) 3. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Monnow Valley Version) 4. Digsy's Dinner (Monnow Valley Version) 

SIDE G 1. Rock 'n' Roll Star (Sawmills Outtake) 2. Up In The Sky (Sawmills Outtake) 3. Columbia (Sawmills Outtake) 4. Bring It On Down (Sawmills Outtake) 
SIDE H 1. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Sawmills Outtake) 2. Digsy's Dinner (Sawmills Outtake) 3. Slide Away (Sawmills Outtake) 4. Sad Song (Mauldeth Road West Demo, Nov’ 92

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