NAKED GIANTS The Shadow LP *Indies only coloured vinyl*

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Naked Giants release The Shadow via New West Records. The 11- song set was produced by Chris Funk of the Decemberists and follows the Seattle, WA-based trio's Green Fuzz EP (2019) and debut album SLUFF (2018).

The Shadow is an energetic and exhilarating musical rollercoaster ride. Within the first 10 minutes the band have already careened through a blitz of post-punk riffing, wastoid gang shouting, a singalong anthem-for-the-disaffected and a Talking Heads-ish funk-rock workout with bits of shimmery synth and lo-fi slide guitar riffing thrown in for good measure.

The Shadow also reveals new and welcome layers to the Naked Giants sound, both musically and lyrically. The band say The Shadow "is a much more honest album than SLUFF - we've come to realize that the path to becoming a better person and bringing positivity into the world isn't always linear, and there's a lot of growth in taking an honest look at the 'shadow-y' parts of life. Whether it's personal anxiety and depression or collective guilt and trauma, there's always a part of yourself that's hard to confront and understand. But The Shadow is all about facing that darkness and having the strength to bring it into the light."


1. Walk of Doom
2. High School (Don't Like Them)
3. Take a Chance
4. Turns Blue
5. (God Damn!) What I Am
6. The Ripper
7. Unpeeled
8. Television
9. Better Not Waste My Time
10. The Shadow

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