NAD 2023 - BOB DYLAN -Time Out Of Mind 2LP Clear Gold


NAD 2023 - BOB DYLAN -Time Out Of Mind 2LP Clear Gold

Time Out of Mind is the thirtieth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, originally released on September 30, 1997, through Columbia Records.
For many fans and critics, the album marked Dylan's artistic comeback after he appeared to struggle with his musical identity throughout the 1980s; he had not released any original material since Under the Red Sky in 1990. Time Out of Mind is hailed as one of Dylan's best albums, and it went on to win three Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year in 1998.

Side A 1. Love Sick 2. Dirt Road Blues 3. Standing in the Doorway 4. Million Miles Side B 1. Tryin' to Get to Heaven 2. 'Til I Fell in Love with You 3. Not Dark Yet

Side C 1. Cold Irons Bound 2. Make You Feel My Love 3. Can't Wait Side D 1. Highlands

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