MATT BERRY TV Themes LP White Vinyl

MATT BERRY TV Themes LP White Vinyl

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BAFTA award-winning actor Matt Berry looks to his formative years in this fascinating and unique take on the TV themes that have influenced and inspired him in his life.

Recorded in his brand new studio with his regular band The Maypoles, Matt tackles 11 classic themes including well known titles such as Are You Being Served, Rainbow, The Liver Birds and The Good Life, alongside some less obvious choices such as Picture Box, Wildtrak and World In Action.


1. Are You Being Served?
2. The Good Life
3. LWT
4. Blankety Blank
5. Top Of The Pops
6. Picture Box
7. The Liver Birds
8. Thames Television
9. Rainbow
10. Doctor Who
11. Wildtrak
12. World In Action
13. Sorry
14. Open University