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When Mark Lanegan recorded his 1999 album I'll Take Care Of You, he revealed what many of his closest followers had already guessed. As one of Seattle's finest, Lanegan and his band The Screaming Trees were as contemporary as any of their comrades-in-grunge-arms. Yet Field Songs demonstrated a recognition of musical heritage that rivalled Harry Smith.

In his fifth album-proper, Bubblegum, he explores the debauched road that many a troubadour has taken before him. Not for nothing does he sing "Here comes the highway / Can't you see what its done for me?" in 'Driving Death Valley Blues'.

As with all Lanegan projects, Bubblegum is so rich with collaborators that it could warrant Pete Frame growing a Rock Family Tree just for him. Masters Of Reality's Chris Goss and Eleven's Alain Johannes produce much of the record. Contributions come from Polly Harvey, Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and Izzy Stradlin.

  1. 1When Your Number Isn't Up
  2. 2Hit the City
  3. 3Wedding Dress
  4. 4Methamphetamine Blues
  5. 5One Hundred Days
  6. 6Bombed
  7. 7Strange Religion
  8. 8Sideways in Reverse
  9. 9Come to Me
  10. 10Like Little Willie John
  11. 11Can't Come Down
  12. 12Morning Glory Wine
  13. 13Head
  14. 14Driving Death Valley Blues
  15. 15Out of Nowhere