LAMB OF GOD Omens LP Crystal Clear/Silver Black Limited to 500


LAMB OF GOD Omens LP Crystal Clear/Silver Black

Released 7th October 2022

Even as D. Randall Blythe (vocals), Mark Morton (lead guitar), Willie Adler (guitar), John Campbell (bass), and Art Cruz (drums) enjoy one another's company and chemistry like never before, Omens is possibly the angriest Lamb Of God album yet. Densely muscular, soaked in unnerving spite, with a pessimistic eye toward inner struggles and global affairs alike, Omens is a furious entry in the catalog.
Most of the album was recorded live in the studio, including Blythe's vibrantly unhinged vocal attack. Morton and Adler's riffs threaten, challenge, and devastate. Cruz and Campbell's unstoppable rhythms lurch and beckon. Having shined on
2020’s Lamb Of God, Cruz injects even more nuance and personality into his playing across Omens’ songs.

Side A:1.Nevermore/2.Vanishing/3.To The Grave/4.Ditch/5.Omens
Side B:1.Gomorrah/2.Ill Designs/3.Grayscale/4.Denial Mechanism/5.September Song

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