KORN Untouchables 2LP SET 180g


If Issues represented an artistic, critical, and commercial triumph at a crucial moment for Korn, how would the band respond to the inevitable pressure of its follow-up? By making a better one: 2002's platinum-certified Untouchables. Using a 24-BIT sampling rate – twice the highest rate normally used for recording – Korn and producer Michael Beinhorn created a rich sonic panorama. Unfathomably heavy, uncompromisingly introspective, and startlingly unique, Untouchables catapulted Korn to yet another level. But what should we expect? After all, this is a band marked by an insatiable desire to push the rock envelope. It's what makes them Korn.


  1. Here To Stay
  2. Make Believe
  3. Blame
  4. Hollow Life
  5. Bottled Up Inside
  6. Thoughtless
  7. Hating


  1. One More Time
  2. Alone I Break
  3. Embrace
  4. Beat It Upright
  5. Wake Up Hate
  6. I'm Hiding
  7. No One's There

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