KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Demos & Rarities 2LP Picture Disc Box

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Demos & Rarities 2LP Picture Disc Box

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Deluxe Box-set with 12-page booklet and two 12” picture discs, both with full outer and inner sleeves. Limited to 500 copies.

Spanning the best part of a decade, in 2020 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard released a two-volume demo collection recorded between 2011 and 2020. This Fuzz Club Bootleg brings both volumes into one as a double LP, offering a fascinating insight into the band’s creative process. As well as a selection of unreleased demos and instrumentals, here you’ll find early versions of songs which would go on to adorn the tracklists of ‘K.G.’, ‘Nonagon Infinity’, ‘Paper Mache Dream Balloon’, ‘Sketches of Brunswick East’, ‘Infest The Rats Nest’, ‘Fishing for Fishies, ‘Gumboot Soup’, ‘12 Bar Bruise’, ‘Oddments’, ‘Polygondwanaland’ and the ‘Willoughby’s Beach’ EP.

The ‘Demos & Rarities’ Fuzz Club bootleg is remastered by Brett Orrison (The Black Angels, Jack White) exclusively for Fuzz Club. The Deluxe Version (limited to 500 copies) comes in a box with a 12-page booklet and two 12” picture discs with full outer- and inner-sleeves. The standard version, also a double LP, comes on 180g coloured vinyl in a standard sleeve. As will all of the Fuzz Club Bootlegs, both versions include new and exclusive artwork.

1) Let It Bleed (Demo)
2) Footy Footy (Demo)
3) Danger £££ (Demo)
4) Dirt (Demo)
5) Demo No. 79
6) Evil Death Roll (Demo)
7) Horology (Demo)
8) Most of What I Like (Demo)
9) Honey (Demo)
10) Muddy Water (Demo)
11) Mars For The Rich (Demo)
12) The 10th Boogie
13) Tezeta (Demo)
14) The Spider and Me (Demo)
15) Music To Eat Bananas To
16) TET
17) Automation (Demo)
18) Music To Kill People To
19) Planet B (Demo)
20) Sleepwalker
21) The Bird Sound (Demo)
23) Sketches of Brunswick East (Demo)
24) Demo No. 67
25) Stevie Ray Horn
26) Scared of Christmas
27) Fishing For Fishies (Demo)
28) Straws In The Wind (Demo)