JUDAS PRIEST Turbo 30 (Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition) LP 180g

JUDAS PRIEST Turbo 30 (Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition) LP 180g

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In celebration of its 30th anniversary, British metal legends Judas Priest are reissuing their tenth studio album, Turbo. The album has been remastered and will be released via Sony Music on 180-gram vinyl. Originally released in 1986, Turbo features all of the hallmarks of classic Judas Priest on signature tracks such as "Turbo Lover," "Parental Guidance" and "Locked In."

The band adds: "Heavy metal was kicking into various new gears as we began writing sessions for Turbo. True to form the sense of exploring different sounds and textures led us. Cool guitar and bass inventions triggered fresh ideas...Tom Allom was at the production helm once again giving us directions and steering us along. We had a lot of material, so much so that there was a strong feeling of making a twin Turbo release. The final outcome showed Priest in a different light and one that surprised many but as we have always been true to our own metal hearts we felt good about the album.

"The title track became a signature song along with the video and today sounds stronger than ever live. 'Out In The Cold's' bluesy vibe and emotion set original bars that were raised. 'Parental Guidance' made reference to the censorship struggle in the United States. Fantasy elements took a back seat this time around. All in all Turbo is a reflection of the metal scene as we saw and felt it at the time and a record we look back on and celebrate now with the fondness and a mixture of memories...Turbo' remastered...Raising fists and devil horns to the next level."

  1. Turbo Lover
  2. Locked In
  3. Private Property
  4. Parental Guidance
  5. Rock You All Around The World
  6. Out In The Cold
  7. Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
  8. Hot For Love
  9. Reckless