GEORGE EZRA Wanted on Voyage LP

GEORGE EZRA Wanted on Voyage LP

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t's full speed ahead for breakout UK singer-songwriter George Ezra, whose Columbia Records album debut, Wanted on Voyage, is already basking in global success, earning double-platinum sales in the UK and multiple turns at the #1 slot, (charting Top 5 in 8 countries). Ezra was also recently nominated for four prestigious Brit Awards, including Best Male Solo Artist and Best British Album.

The 21-year-old musician has been riding high on his catchy single "Budapest." The unique song spent several months in the upper tier of the UK charts, one of the most streamed songs of 2014. The song has also soared at U.S. radio platforms, currently clocking an incredible 11 week reign at #1 in the Triple A format, a Top 15 presence at Alternative Radio, a rapid rise up the Adult Top 40 chart and even garnering early support from pop radio, as well.

A couple of songs on Wanted On Voyage date back to Ezra’s college days. A lot of the album was inspired by a solo trip around Europe last summer. "Budapest" is, in part, about not making it to Budapest, but equally a surreal subverted take on the age-old notion of making sacrifices for a girl. "Cassy O" is about wishing the trip wouldn’t end.

Wanted On Voyage was recorded between early November and mid January in Clapham, south London with producer Cam Blackwood. With its "What are you waiting for?" refrain, album opener "Blame It On Me," set to a skiffle shuffle, sums up the singer’s mantra of just getting on with the job, while "Listen To The Man" is a woozy, bluesy, summery-sounding lesson in self belief. Sonically, Wanted On Voyage’s most surprising song is the perky, electronica-driven "Stand By Your Gun," which could be The Blue Nile doing disco.

George Ezra Wanted On Voyage Track Listing:

1. Blame It On Me
2 Budapest
3. Cassy O'
4. Barcelona
5. Listen to the Man
6. Leaving It Up to You
7. Did You Hear the Rain?
8. Drawing Board
9. Stand By Your Gun
10. Breakaway
11. Over the Creek
12. Spectacular Rival