FREE All Right Now: The Collection LP

FREE All Right Now: The Collection LP

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During a brief but intensely creative five-year existence, Free recorded some of the most exciting, primal and emotive hard rock of all time. The group were fronted by Paul Rodgers, a man whose voice could make a grown man cry, the UK-based band had soul: a quality all too rare within the genre.

Here, UMC presents, on vinyl, a collection of hit songs and catalogue gems revealing why Free were quite probably the first and greatest blues-rock band of them all.

- LP

1. All Right Now
2. Wishing Well
3. My Brother Jake
4. Little Bit of Love
5. Mr. Big
6. Fire and Water [BBC Session]
7. The Hunter
8. Be My Friend [Live]
9. I'll Be Creepin'
10. Heartbreaker
11. I'm a Mover
12. The Stealer