EMBRACE The Good Will Out LP SET


ndie heroes Embrace's first three albums are being reissued on vinyl for the first time since their original release!

Following in the footsteps of Oasis and the Verve, Embrace became a pop sensation in post-Brit-pop Britain, breaking through in the late '90s. The group - hailing from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - had a knack for big, anthemic hooks, which they transformed into sweeping, sprawling, lugubrious rockers. This synthesis earned them a strong fanbase with their first singles in 1997, and their debut album, The Good Will Out.

Two years later, the band followed up their spectacular debut with their second album, Drawn from Memory, which hit #8 in the UK charts and garnered praise from music tastemakers. The album spawned four top 40 singles - Hooligan, You're Not Alone, Save Me and I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You - spent 20 weeks in the top 100 and the band went on to tour the country, supported by Coldplay.

- 2LP
- 180G VINYL

LP 1:
1. Intro
2. All You Good Good People
3. My Weakness Is None of Your Business
4. Come Back to What You Know
5. One Big Family
6. Higher Sights
7. Retread

LP 2:
1. I Want the World
2. You've Got to Say Yes
3. Fireworks
4. The Last Gas
5. That's All Changed Forever
6. Now You're Nobody
7. The Good Will Out

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