DEF LEPPARD- Retro active 2 LPs



Retro Active was the band’s first compilation, it was released in 1993 and features touched-up versions of B-sides and previously unreleased recordings from the band’s recording sessions from 1984 to 1993.

Side A

  1. Desert Song
  2. Fractured Love
  3. Action! Not Words
  4. Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version)

Side B

  1. She's Too Tough
  2. Miss You in A Heartbeat
  3. Only After Dark
  4. Ride into The Sun

Side C

  1. From the Inside
  2. Ring of Fire
  3. I Wanna Be Your Hero

Side D

  1. Miss You in A Heartbeat (Electric Version)
  2. Two Steps Behind (Electric Version)
  3. Miss You in A Heartbeat (Piano Version)

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