JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Equinoxe Infinity LP

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2018 release. On the 40th Anniversary of his iconic Equinoxe album, Jean-Michel Jarre releases the sequel - Equinoxe Infinity. This concept album will not be a direct follow-up to the 1978 masterpiece, but rather a meditation about the watchers (the characters with binoculars) as being part of the struggle (or not) between human and artificial intelligence. Jarre describes this album as ""Equinoxe on steroids

side 1

  1. THE WATCHERS (movement 1)
  2. FLYING TOTEMS (movement 2)
  3. ROBOTS DON'T CRY (movement 3)
  4. ALL THAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND (movement 4)
  5. IF THE WIND COULD SPEAK (movement 5)

side 2

  1. INFINITY (movement 6)
  2. MACHINES ARE LEARNING (movement 7)
  3. THE OPENING (movement 8)
  4. DON'T LOOK BACK (movement 9)
  5. EQUINOXE INFINITY (movement 10)