JACK GARRATT Love, Death & Dancing CD

JACK GARRATT Love, Death & Dancing CD

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Love, Death & Dancing is album no.2 from Jack Garratt, his first new music since 2016. Performed solely by Jack, and produced alongside Jacknife Lee and James Flannigan,  Love, Death & Dancing is a joyous album, not afraid to lay bare the torment that led up to and informed its creation, but it is also a triumphant testament to survival, and to courage.

Stand out tracks include the naked soul baring 'She Will Lay My Body On The Stone', the bluesy spaciousness of 'Anyone' - reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac era Peter Green and the anguished, propulsive 'Better', which echos the Beach Boys, Daft Punk and Beat It.

“I wrote this album as someone - and for anyone - who likes dancing but doesn’t necessarily want to go out on a Saturday. It’s dance music for people who don’t want to go out” – Jack Garratt

1. Return Them To The One
2. Get In My Way
3. Better
4. Doctor Please
5. Mend A Heart
6. Anyone
7. Mara
8. Circles
9. Time
10. She Will Lay My Body On The Stone
11. Old Enough
12. Only The Bravest