BOB MOULD Sunshine Rock LP

BOB MOULD Sunshine Rock LP

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The cliché that circulated after the 2016 election foretold a new artistic golden age: Artists would transform their anger and anxiety into era-defining works of dissent in the face of authoritarianism.
Yet Bob Mould calls his new album Sunshine Rock.

It’s not because Mould—whose face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of alternative music—likes the current administration. His decision to “write to the sunshine,” as he describes it, comes from a more personal place – a place found in Berlin,Germany, where he’s spent the majority of the last three years. Here Mould would draw inspiration from the new environments.

“Almost four years ago, I made plans for an extended break,” Mould explains. “I started spending time in Berlin in 2015, found an apartment in 2016, and became a resident in 2017. My time in Berlin has been a life changing experience. The winter days are long and dark, but when the sun comes back, all spirits lift.” These three years in Berlin would quite literally shed new light on Mould’s everyday mindset.

  • 1.Sunshine Rock
  • 2.What Do You Want Me to Do
  • 3.Sunny Love Song
  • 4.Thirty Dozen Roses
  • 5.The Final Years
  • 6.Irrational Poison
  • 7.I Fought
  • 8.Sin King
  • 9.Lost Faith
  • 10.Camp Sunshine
  • 11.Send Me a Postcard
  • 12.Western Sunset