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BLUR Think Tank 2LP SET


Sessions for Blur's seventh album began in the band’s London Studio 13 late in 2001. Recording moved southwards when the band packed up the entire studio and migrated to Marrakech, and finishing touches were added in Devon. The final thirteen tracks were selected from more than twenty-five completed songs. The band's last studio effort for twelve years,Think Tank is also Blur’s only album as a three piece, founding guitarist Graham Coxon was present for the initial sessions and plays on one track, album closer "Battery In Your Leg."

1. Ambulance
2. Out of Time
3. Crazy Beat
4. Good Song
5. On the Way to the Club
6. Brothers and Sisters

1. Caravan
2. We've Got a File On You
3. Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club
4. Sweet Song
5. Jets
6. Gene By Gene
7. Battery in Your Leg

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