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Blur - Live at Wembley Stadium - Triple LP


Blur - Live at Wembley Stadium - Triple LP

Released 26th July 2024

The complete Sunday 9/7/23 performance except*

3 x LP track-listing

Side 1 - St Charles Square, There’s No Other Way, Popscene, Tracy Jacks 


Side 2 - Beetlebum, Trimm Trabb, Villa Rosie, Stereotypes


Side 3 - Out of Time, Coffee & TV, Under the Westway,

End of a Century 


Side 4 - Sunday Sunday, Country House, Parklife, To the End 


Side 5 - Oily Water, Advert, Song 2, This Is a Low


Side 6 - Girls & Boys, For Tomorrow, Tender, The Narcissist, The Universal


*Note:  Triple vinyl format omits “Lot 105” to ensure best quality playback on Side Six.

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