ARCADE FIRE Everything Now LP

ARCADE FIRE Everything Now LP

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Returning with their fifth album after long hiatus, Arcade Fire come back with Everything Now. Absolutely addictive and wondrous ever-inventive sounds, the lead single and title track serves as a lovely taste to what's in store for their fifth album.

Released in a series of different sleeves with the phrase 'Everything Now' in different languages this is the French version - 'Tout Maintenant'


Don't worry - everything else is in English!

“There’s sort of an everything-nowness to life. I feel like almost every event and everything that happens surrounds you on all sides. It’s trying to capture some of the experiences of being alive now in all its flaws and all its glory.” - Win Butler, Arcade Fire

  • 1.Everything_Now (Continued)
  • 2.Everything Now
  • 3.Signs of Life
  • 4.Creature Comfort
  • 5.Peter Pan
  • 6.Chemistry
  • 7.Infinite Content
  • 8.Infinite_Content
  • 9.Electric Blue
  • 10.Good God Damn
  • 11.Put Your Money on Me
  • 12.We Don't Deserve Love
  • 13.Everything Now (Continued)