ALISON COTTON Only Darkness Now LP Silver Vinyl



With gliding viola and choral forces, ‘Only Darkness Now’ is a more alive, peopled landscape than its predecessor. Moods remain contemplative, concerned with vivid, historical netherworlds and torments - we see this in extended album centrepiece ‘Behind the Spiderweb Gate’ and in ‘In Solitude I Will Fade Away’. However, despite its title, ‘Only Darkness’ now has a brighter expanse: Cotton layers viola, chimes and Omnichord - an electrical ghost-like medieval drone - alongside percussion, harmonium, piano and voice. This is a confident record, lifting ‘Shirt Of Lace’ by medieval revivalist Dorothy Carter, from Celtic lament to cathedral like grandeur.

 Original cassette releases on Bloxham Tapes and limited vinyl editions by Cardinal Fuzz sold out instantly with little press.


Behind The Spiderweb Gate 20:37
In Solitude I Will Fade Away 1:59
How My Heart Bled In Bleeding Heart Yard 5:56
The Hill Was Hollow 1:52
Shirt Of Lace 12:03

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