2PAC Best Of: Volume 1 (Thug) 2LP SET

2PAC Best Of: Volume 1 (Thug) 2LP SET

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Best of 2Pac is a posthumous greatest hits compilation series from Tupac Shakur released in two parts: 'Thug' and 'Life'. Both albums were released on December 4, 2007 in the United States and December 3, 2007 in the United Kingdom. Both compilations consists mostly of songs released before his death.

Side A:
1. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
2. California Love (Original Mix)
3. So Many Tears

Side B:
1. I Ain’t Mad At Cha
2. How Do U Want It
3. Trapped

Side C:
1. Changes
2. Hail Mary
3. Unconditional Love

Side D:
1. Dear Mama (Remix)
2. Resist The Temptation