W.H. LUNG Vanities LP Translucent yellow vinyl LP + poster + MIX CD




2019’s Incidental Music - a vivacious concoction of krautrock, synth pop and infectious grooves - topped many end of year lists, with the likes of Piccadilly Records naming it their #1 Album Of The Year. “

We were raring to go,” says W. H. Lung’s Tom Sharkett of the band’s desire to keep the momentum going after the huge success of their debut album. However, it quickly became apparent that a repeat performance was of no interest to the band. “At the beginning it felt like every new idea could’ve just been on Incidental Music,” remembers Tom. “They weren’t bad ideas, but they didn’t feel new. I don’t think we knew where we wanted to go but we were 100% sure on it not being Incidental Music part 2.” Things soon burst to life however and a period of profound creativity, musical intuition, bold innovation and near total musical rebirth came forth.

“I was in the best place of my life,” says Joe Evans. “I was like a slot machine putting in wellbeing currency and jackpotting this album. Words and melodies were coming so quick and easy. Tom was sending tunes across and I was having a lot of fun playing around with a new way of singing which was freer, more expressive, more instant and more melodic.” The result is a record that is direct, punchy and potent. Merging silky vocals, strutting grooves, enveloping textures, and a sparkling blend of electronic and pop music. 


1 Calm Down 2 Gd Tym 3 Pearl in the Palm 4 Ways of Seeing 5 ARPi 6 Showstopper 7 Figure with Flowers 8 Somebody Like 9 Kaya


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