PAUL HEATON The Last King Of Pop (Best Of) 2LP Set

PAUL HEATON The Last King Of Pop (Best Of) 2LP Set

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Double LP on heavyweight black vinyl, includes a download code.

An excellent musical anthology from Paul Heaton, celebrating his impressive career tha has spanned over the past four decades with a outstanding back catalogue.

Entitled ‘The Last King Of Pop’ it will feature 23 of the finest songs from throughout Paul’s extraordinary music career, including hits from his days in the Housemartins, through his time in the multi-platinum pop co-operative The Beautiful South, his solo years, and up to the present day in his long-standing collaboration with former Beautiful South singer Jacqui Abbott. 

From the Housemartins’ glorious 1985 debut single ‘Flag Day’ to the Beautiful South’s chart dominating pop standards ‘Don’t Marry Her’, ‘Rotterdam’ and ‘Perfect 10’ through to last year’s Heaton & Abbott smash hit ‘I Gotta Praise’ they’re all present and correct….and there’s also room for a 2018 re-record by Paul and Jacqui of the Beautiful South classic ‘A Little Time’, and a brand new song, a deliciously infectious ska-pop paean to a lifetime of jukebox dancing and pop music obsession entitled ‘7”Singles’.


  • 1.I Gotta Praise
  • 2.Don't Marry Her
  • 3.Poems
  • 4.Happy Hour
  • 5.Moulding Of A Fool
  • 6.Prettiest Eyes
  • 7.Me and the Farmer
  • 8.Good As Gold
  • 9.Real Hope
  • 10.You Keep It All In
  • 11.Austerity of Love
  • 12.Build
  • 13.Rotterdam
  • 14.She Got The Garden
  • 15.Old Red Eyes Is Back
  • 16.Flag Day
  • 17.Manchester
  • 18.D.I.Y.
  • 19.Perfect 10
  • 20.I Don't See Them
  • 21.Song For Whoever
  • 22.A Little Time (PH & JA 2018 version)
  • 23.Singles (New track)