FALL  Live Stage Stoke 30/11/97 2LP SET

FALL Live Stage Stoke 30/11/97 2LP SET

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The iconic band The Fall once again, this time captured in full flow at Stoke's Stage in 1997. Tracks include fan favourites such as M5, The Container Drivers and Hip Priest!

A1 Jap Kid 0:36
A2 Spencer Must Die 6:49
A3 Jungle Rock 7:47
A4 Levitate 3:48
A5 Idiot Joy Showland (Instr.) 3:43
B1 Masquerade 5:50
B2 The Container Drivers 3:59
B3 10 Houses Of Eve 4:47
B4 Hip Priest 7:16
C1 M5 8:21
C2 Spinetrak 2:57
C3 Pearl City 4:10
C4 Ol' Gang (Instr.) 4:25
D1 Behind The Counter 4:18
D2 Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 8:21