As announced earlier this year, Record Store Day as it has come to be known will not be celebrated in 2020. Instead there are three RSD 'Drop Dates' in which you can get hold of the RSD titles from local record shops: August 29September 26 or October 24.

 You can find the 2020 releases and their new Drop Dates on the RSD website or you can download a copy of that list here!

Now would be a great time to find those releases you really want and let us know what you would like us to order in for you. 

We'll get a full list up here with pics and prices ASAP

While we’d all love nothing more than an in store party, large groups just aren’t the right thing right now but we'll do our best to make it special.

 More details on what social distancing measures will be put in place  will be issued closer to the time and releases will be made available on our website from 6pm on each drop date.