love record stores

loverecordstores is a mainly online initiative to give indie stores a bit of a boost by making some great items available to all.

These items will go live on Saturday June 20th at 9 a.m.

They are very limited but hopefully you'll all get a few great items and we can't say how much we appreciate the love and continuing support you have shown us in these strange days.

Some of the items will not be available to ship immediately but all orders will be extended.

Belle & Sebastian now has a release date of June 26th and Tim Burgess July 3rd  and in the 'hopefully next week' category come King Gizzard Sketches of Brunswick, St Etienne, Unloved, ACR, Someone,  and Savage Gary - if you manage to get any of these the order will be extended and dent to you as soon as we receive it, don't worry.