Hello and Welcome to Phoenix Sounds

Marsha and myself welcome you to your local, family run Independent music shop, where we shopped as customers and now welcome you as fellow collectors.  
I started collecting when I was 13 and loved Michael Jackson........I know...! but eventually fell in love with Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and 80's music. Marsha, in her youth, was more into Lenny Kravitz, James and The The.  However our tastes are expanding with the amount of varied genre's of music loved by locals who tell us their stories of their music addictions.. why, how, where and when...long may this continue.
We love the fact that this music store is on our doorstep in a busy town like Newton Abbot, and we are lucky to have a brilliant customer following built up by Will.
We firmly believe in the power of community so along with your help, we can improve the way our store impacts the town and benefits everyone.
We are planning lot's of exciting promotions, giveaways and eventually a full shop refit with a new electronic stock control system (that I've promised to buy Jackie and Charlie) to make all our jobs easier and will improve the customer experience.
But basically we all love music.....we don't know everything but we all work hard to  source what you want and answer your questions. 
We will listen and always do our best.  
Looking forward to living the dream every day for a long time.